Gree Hyper Premium Hi-wall Split System


Gree Hyper Premium Hi-wall Split System

With a modern, sleek finish, Wi-Fi controls as standard and some of the highest energy efficiency ratings on the market, the Gree Hyper range not only looks great, but it also costs significantly less to run. Gree Hyper utilises Gree’s next generation G10 inverter and a cutting edge, high speed, DSP computer chip for precise inverter control leading to extremely efficient and unceasing operation. Furthermore, the Hyper range is backed by Gree’s industry leading 6 year warranty in both residential and commercial applications.

8 sizes, ranging from 2.5kW – 9.4kW

  • The inverter PCB in the outdoor unit can work safely up to 85°C for greater reliability. The PCB is also coated to protect it from the ingress of moisture, dirt and dust
  • Outdoor units feature Gold Fin coating, improving efficiency by accelerating the defrost process and offers greater resistance to corrosive elements
  • High density filters oxidise and degrade organic contaminants eliminating bacteria, viruses and unpleasant smells
  • Intelligent defrosting is designed to minimise the defrost time and reduce the number of defrost cycles; therefore, reducing energy waste
  • iFeel remote controller delivers customised comfort

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