Gree Bora Hi-wall Air Conditioner with WIFI


Gree Bora Hi-wall Air Conditioner with WIFI

GREE, the world’s largest air conditioner manufacturer, introduces the new refrigerant R32 to its air conditioners. The new ecological refrigerant does not cause damage to the ozone layer, thus contributing to reducing global warming. It also significantly reduces power consumption and maintenance costs.

WiFi Ready

GREE, known for its high expertise in the field of technology, places great emphasis on remote control of the indoor units. The BORA air conditioner range is WiFi enabled (WiFi ready), allowing the unit to control virtually anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


Focusing on quality, GREE Electric Appliances Inc. focuses on the technological development and refinement of products and production systems as well as on their rigorous quality control.
100% of the basic components are tested in the laboratory prior to assembly, while significant funds are invested in quality production control systems with international recognition.

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