Convair C4 Series 4 Star Ducted Gas Heaters Combo


Convair C4 Series 4 Star Ducted Gas Heaters

The Convair C34 Series is an excellent option for upgrading an old heater, the C4 range incorporates zoning options to further increase efficiencies and allow flexible heating options for the home.

Comprehensive 5 Year Warranty &  Structural 10 Year warranty

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How does ducted gas heating work?

The Convair ducted gas heating system connects to outlets in the home through a layout of ductwork. The ductwork
and outlets are either installed in the ceiling or underfloor.
Warm air is smoothly circulated through the outlets into the home and returns into the heater via a return air grille.
The Convair smart controller measures the air temperature and intelligently regulates the system to ensure steady
warm air is supplied throughout the home.

Which heater should I choose?

The Convair ducted heaters are available in a variety of energy efficient options. The energy efficiency is measured in
star ratings and the Convair ducted heaters range from 3 star to 6 star. The higher the star rating, the more efficient
the heater is.

Controller Options

Convair ducted gas heater- smart thermostat and standard digital controller

Smart thermostat wall mounted touch controller

Upgrade to the Convair smart thermostat, an intuitive and attractive touchscreen control that allows users to easily operate the Convair ducted heater and quickly switch to cooling (where applicable).

Standard digital controller

The standard digital controller is used for heating only and comes with a large display screen that is easy to read.


For added flexibility and greater efficiencies, Convair zoning offers up to 4 zones on the one Smart Thermostat.

Magiqtouch controller zone - control house diagram

Convair Product Warranty

Convair comprehensive 5-year warranty badge

Comprehensive 5-Year Warranty

Convair structural 10-year-warranty badge

Structural 10-Year Warranty


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